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Media Today’s standard Terms and Conditions apply in addition to these terms and conditions and they can be found here

Direct Debit Authority


You agree that The Guide Website Pty Ltd can deduct money from your nominated Financial Institution, on your allocated payment day monthly, quarterly or annually until notice of cancellation.

We reserve the right to cancel drawing arrangements if three or more drawings are returned unpaid by your nominated Financial Institution & to arrange with you an alternative payment details. Further we reserve the right to cancel your account on The Guide Website totally if drawings returned unpaid are not rectified within 30 days from the initial drawing date.

We will keep all information pertaining to your nominated account at your Financial Institution, private & confidential, except to the extent necessary to administer your direct debit arrangements. If a claim is made on our Financial Institution in relation to an alleged incorrect or wrongful debit, we may be required to disclose this information to our Financial Institution.

Your Rights


You may terminate drawing arrangements at any time by giving written notice to and providing suitable alternative payment details. Such notice should be received by us at least 21 business days prior to the due date.

You may stop payment of a drawing under Drawing Agreement by giving written notice to us and providing a suitable alternative payment method for all outstanding fees due, and ongoing contractual obligations. Such notice should be received by us at least 21 business days prior to the due date.

You may request change to the drawing amount, date and/or frequency of drawings by contacting us and advising your requirements no less than 21 business days prior to the due date.

Where you consider that a drawing has been initiated incorrectly (outside arrangements) you should take the matter up directly with us.

Your Responsibilities


It is your responsibility to keep the Billing Information within your Account Settings up to date and accurate at all times.

It is your responsibility to ensure that sufficient funds are available in the nominated account to meet a drawing on its due date. If any fees are incurred by The Guide Website Pty Ltd from a dishonourable direct debit, these fees may be passed on to you.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the authorisation given to draw on the nominated account, is identical to the account signing instruction held by the Financial Institution where the account is based. It is your responsibility to advise us if the account nominated by you is transferred or closed, and in turn you will ensure all payment details in your Account Settings are updated.

It is your responsibility to arrange with us a suitable alternative payment method if the Direct Debit drawing arrangements are cancelled either by yourselves or the nominated Financial Institution.

This authorisation also enables any new contracted services added to your Guide Website Pty Ltd account will be subjected to the existing Direct Debit Terms and Conditions.
Invoicing of your Guide Website services will be emailed or posted to you 7 to 14 days in advance of your direct debit payment date. The total due value on the invoice will be the amount processed in the direct debit transaction.


Offer ends 28 Feb 2017
Credit Card details are to be given at time of sign-up of this offer
Cancellation of service must be made 30 days prior to year anniversary, after which normal billing incurs